The Window/ High-rise Facade Cleaning Professionals

More than just glass cleaning.

Windows provide visibility and also beautify a building. Our highly trained commercial cleaning professionals specialise in providing window/ facade cleaning from high-rise buildings to small residences. Our glass cleaning team are equipped with Neemcreed Cleaning Services heavy-duty ladders, safety harnesses, cradles and pulley, 21st-century cleaning equipment as well as cleaning with the highest facade/ high rise cleaning standard. You can rest assured that the glass exterior of your building is always bright and clean regardless if your building is a residential apartment, office space, shopping centre, restaurant, industrial building, cafe, hotel or a school.

Professional Window/ Facade Cleaning Company in Nigeria

Give your home or office the spark it needs. Clean windows not only add to the ambience of a building but also improve visibility. Our professional team of glass cleaners understand the best window/ high-rise facade cleaning standards and will carry out a full window clean either your property is a high-rise building or a small residence.